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Re: SDL vs GGI

Brett_A._Letner@NOTES.UP.COM wrote:
> >> Console is (almost) dead.
> I hope this is not true.

>From all the other Linux users I talk to, I'd say you were in a minority
of about 1.

> Personally, I would rather not use X at all.

Why not?  I'd really like to hear your reasons.

With RAM down to <$1 per MiB, it surely can't be that.  It can't be
disk space at $1 per 100MiB. CPU time isn't too relevent - when X is
sitting there, it consumes <0.1% of my CPU...and for 2D work, it gets
you a cleaner more portable interface to the underlying accellerator
than SVGSlib does (IMHO).

> The only reason I do, is for Netscape and games that I can't play from the
> console.

I have the opposite view - the only time I'd drop back to console mode
is to run the odd game that doesn't like X.  However, increasingly I'll
not bother to download a game that doesn't support X.

> >> Unless somethings skirms and big changes happen, console video is now
> >> almost unusable.
> I hope fbcon will address this.
> In fact, it is already very easy to access graphics from the console by
> directly opening the framebuffer (no hardware acceleration, though).

Exactly...but having the CPU push every single pixel every frame is
such a painful way to do graphics these days.

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