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Re: Game Logic

> I want to code the game logic in an easily expendable way.
> Using some sort of scripting language or virtual machine.
> The only example of this I'm really familiar with is that
> of the original Quake.

There is that VM you wrote that only compiles for that particular
version of SunOS that Stone was running at the time...



> What I'm looking for are alternative ways of solving the
> problem of what the language should be like.  I like the
> simplicity of the Quake C language but I don't want to fall
> into the trap of just copying Quake.  The only problem with
> it I can see at this stage it that is compiled into a single
> byte-code file.  I'd need something more flexible but I could
> do this using the same or a very similar language.
> I'm doing a third person perspective 3d game.  It will be
> single player only. The game play will be puzzle, exploration
> and anything alternative to violence I can come up with
> including character to character interaction if I can work
> out a good way to do it.

Just embed a perl interpreter in it. You know you want to really..

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