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Game Logic

I want to code the game logic in an easily expendable way.
Using some sort of scripting language or virtual machine.

The only example of this I'm really familiar with is that
of the original Quake.  That had it Quake C compiled into
a custom byte code and interpreted by some sort of virtual
machine.  The language used the basic C syntax and had the
base types of float, vector, string, and entity.  Where
strings were all one from a list of constant values and
entities were references to games objects which as far as
the language was concerned where all of the same type.

What I'm looking for are alternative ways of solving the
problem of what the language should be like.  I like the
simplicity of the Quake C language but I don't want to fall
into the trap of just copying Quake.  The only problem with
it I can see at this stage it that is compiled into a single
byte-code file.  I'd need something more flexible but I could
do this using the same or a very similar language.

I'm doing a third person perspective 3d game.  It will be
single player only. The game play will be puzzle, exploration
and anything alternative to violence I can come up with
including character to character interaction if I can work
out a good way to do it.

That is if I get it anywhere near completed.

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