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Re: Game Logic

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Chris Purnell wrote:

> I want to code the game logic in an easily expendable way.
> Using some sort of scripting language or virtual machine.
> What I'm looking for are alternative ways of solving the
> problem of what the language should be like.  I like the
> simplicity of the Quake C language but I don't want to fall
> into the trap of just copying Quake.  The only problem with
> it I can see at this stage it that is compiled into a single
> byte-code file.  I'd need something more flexible but I could
> do this using the same or a very similar language.

Why not try Python?  Python's a nice scripting language which is very
easily embeddable.  I've heard of at least one other project that's using
Python for its game logic.  I've considered the scripting logic problem
myself, and it occurs to me there are a lot of places to get hung up
writing an original script engine for one's own game.

I don't know about Python's performance, but I remember hearing that
QuakeC wasn't the best engine either.  Members of Id admitted after the
fact that some of the QuakeC code that went into the game wasn't the most
elegant or efficient.  Could their problems with QuakeC be related to
their unfamiliarity with their new language?

> I'm doing a third person perspective 3d game.  It will be
> single player only. The game play will be puzzle, exploration
> and anything alternative to violence I can come up with
> including character to character interaction if I can work
> out a good way to do it.

Sounds like a recipe for the adventure genre.  Consider Broken Sword: nice
graphics, watching a character explore environments, solve puzzles, and
talk to people.  Though I enjoy an evening's electronic ultra-violence as
much as the next red-blooded droog, a well-written violence-impartial
adventure is fun too.

ben taylor

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