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3d file formats

I'm looking for a file format to handle skeletal animation data.

Ideally, it would be exportable from a nice tool (MilkShape, say), be
well documented and free from too many nasty licenses (I don't mind
too much if it's a "don't sell these files to people who don't have
$TOOL, I can work round that, but stuff that insists you buy their
$1million 3d engine before they tell you how the 3d files work is
right out).

The snag I keep coming across is that the formats that plug-ins and
modellers support I can't find any documentation for... with needing
skeleton information in them as well, options are already limited.

I *could* design my own, and then write plug ins for things, but to be
truthful I've already got TONS of work to do on the rest of the
project, I'm trying to keep side development stuff to a minimum, and
this just seems to be re-inventing the wheel because no-one else wants
to talk about why it's round.

So does anyone have any suggestions for nice file formats to use?

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