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Re: Game Logic

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 02:57:49PM +0000, Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> I suggest you take a serious look at Perl.

> It is very dynamic, has a compiler that optimizes well, it can be called
> by/call to C/C++ (check out Swig), is well supported in the community
> and there is a very good book telling about its internals and the
> process of embeddeding it into a program.

Perl is a language optimized for textual processing.  With things
like it's built in regex engine it does this very well.  But it is
not what I'd call appropriate for embedding into a 3D game.  I don't
need operations on strings of text but I do need operations on vectors
and stuff.

It is the same with all the other scripting languages I know.
I would consider using an existing interpretor if it was talyor
mode for this kind of application.  But I don't know of any such

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