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Re: Game Logic

>Chris Purnell wrote:

>I never tried Python (I hear it is also very good), so I can't speak for
>or against it, but I know Perl and it's a shame seeing such a good tool
>not get used where it would make such a perfect fit!

Yep, it's also very nice. But this seems to get a bit out of hand. We
don't really need any big debate over whether Perl is
good/optimized/whatever and can be used as the logic of a game.

But I would be interested in hearing opinions from people who do have
*working* scripting in their game or application. What did you choose and
why? Would you choose the same language again? Why or why not? I'm
thinking of embedding Python as scripting into a fairly large C++ thing,
but all alternatives or comments are welcome.

I think scriptable games are the future. It is just so much work to code
all loogic in a low level language such as C or C++, compared to an easy
scripting language.

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