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Re: Game Logic

> I ran a "size libperl.a" and took the total of the text, data and bss:
> 466425 bytes.

I meant over time.  When using mod_perl it is advocated that you have a
seperate pool of apache servers without mod_perl for serving images and
static pages because of its size.  I'm wondering if this is because
perl consumes a large amount of memory over time, at startup, or what.

I did read about a game in Game Developer that was being written in Java
with only the time critical sections implementation natively.  The
publisher ended up cancelling the project for unrelated reasons I

For Troll Bridge, I use shared libraries to implement much of the game
logic.  There are a couple of problems with this setup.  Tweaking the
monster AIs takes more knowledge and time than doing the same with an
interpreter.  Non-programmers can't add easily add new creatures.  For
example an artist who designs some cool new creature that has frames
that differ from existing creatures can't see it until a programmer
codes something up.

I'd still use shared libraries if I started from scratch though.
Implementing shared libraries is easy.  Not to mention a scripting
language can now be implemented in a shared library.

(There is also a very primitive scripting engine in Troll Bridge to
handle the result of certain actions like pushing blocks but it's not
really worth mentioning.)

Dennis Payne

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