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Re: Game Logic

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000, Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>My stuff regarding scripting is not working yet, sorrily. I'm trying to
>make the thing pretty flexible, and as far as I can see at the moment,
>it seems that mapping types from C/C++ to the scripting language is one
>of the hardest parts (you want these to be efficient and usable).

I think SWIG will do this quite nicely for both Perl and Python. You can
the manually adjust things where needed for optimal performance. This is
the way I've been thinking of going for my scripting needs.

>> I think scriptable games are the future. It is just so much work to code
>> all loogic in a low level language such as C or C++, compared to an easy
>> scripting language.
>100% agreeing on this. I hear some people did Perl and Python bindings
>for libraries like SDL and OpenGL. I wonder if at some point, we'll just
>write whole games in a scripting language, then profile and convert to C
>only the slower parts...

I've used the Python bindings for SDL a little bit. They work quite nicely
and make it really easy to create gfx games using Python. Obviously this
is not that way to go for fps Quake-like games, but hey, those are just a
narrow sector of all games (I'd like to think...). :-)

The Python interface to SDL is called PySDL and can be found on Freshmeat,
just search for it.

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