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RE: Linux and the Independent Game Festival

Alex Dunne wrote:

>Thanks for the note, and sorry I didn't respond sooner -- I was out of the
>office last week.

No problem.

>The challenge in adding more platforms other than Mac and Win has more to do
>with time constraints than whether we think we could get the hardware.  I
>think there's probably some company out there that would lend us the
>machines.  But asking the judges to set these up in time for judging
>festival entries would be really risky, and I'm afraid that asking them to
>devote time to this aspect of the judging would turn some of them off to the
>idea of judging at all (they're volunteering their time).  Also, on our end,
>I've used loaner machines before, and it's tough to make sure that everyone
>has all the necessary equipment, that it's working properly, and that the

Well, we actually didn't primarily plan to organize loans from some
company, but instead from private Linux users living near the judges. I.e.
the judges get the machines from someone living nearby, preconfigured, the
games already installed and with a little intro on how to
start/play the games/shutdown the thingy. More or less a private contacht
person for each of the judges (local Linux user groups are usually very
good at such stuff).

>I totally appreciate you offer to help out, and I might take you up on it
>next year (if the offer's still good).  Since we'll have twice as much time
>to organize the event next year, and we'll have learned from our mistakes
>this year already, I think that adding Linux will be a no-brainer for us.

Well, given the rapid development of Linux (with a quite big focus on user
friendliness) I'm abolutely sure about that :)

>I'm going to check out the website you mentioned below.  I'm really glad to
>hear that the Linux game development community is growing, and I'd like to
>support it however I can.

That's wonderful to hear, Thank you.

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>From: Christian Reiniger [mailto:warewolf@mayn.de]
>Sent: Thursday, November 26, 1998 2:05 PM
>To: Alex Dunne
>Subject: Linux and the Independent Game Festival
>I'm one of those trying to bring many good games to Linux. We heard about
>the Independent Game Festival and that Linux is not among the officially
>"allowed" platforms.
>So far two people have signalled interest to participate with Linux titles
>to us, so we now look at how to get them in.
>IIRC the reason for not allowing Linux for the Festival was that the games
>are reviewed by independent jurors on their private computers and they can't
>be required to install Linux there, right?
>So if we could organize that someone lends preconfigured Linux machines to
>the Jurors for that reviewing everything would be fine, right? ;)
>I hope we can find a good solution for that.
>	Christian
>PS: We now set up the new Linux Game Development Center website at
>www.linuxgames.org , in case you're still interested in Linux Game
>Development efforts.
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