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I make $45/hour doing this! Free Software!

Dear Business Friend,

If you've seen this offer before, look again.
I'm making $45/hour doing this! I know you
probably get ten or more of these offers in your
mailbox every day, but let me tell you why this
one is different.  If you've ever considered using
bulk mail to advertise your product or service,
you might have been discouraged by :
(1) the risk of losing your ISP; or
(2) the expense of "MX-server" software that
doesn't use your ISP's resources-- as much as
$400 for the packages that actually work.
Well, after over a month of research, I've found
a combination of software packages that you can
download for FREE that have ALL the functions of
the expensive software packages. I also teach a
course in how to TARGET and FILTER your address
lists to maximize your profits while minimizing
the number of people you offend with unwanted email.
I provide this instructional package, a $500 value,
along with technical support to everyone who joins
my business.

As a special bonus I also have free business sofware
and computer caller id program that I will supply you
with, worth several hundreds of dollars! Why, because
I want you to succeed and have a profitable business!

After you call the 800# below and get involved
with this business, I will email you all the info
for getting your Free software and training.

And if your too busy to consider bulk emailing,
I have contacts for two of the best emailing
companies in the business and the least expensive
way to use them!

What is the business? It only gets better from here.

#1 Home-Based Business for TWO YEARS IN A ROW!





Learn More!
1-800-811-2141  Code #62321 (8am-10-pm CST) Mon-Sat

I was a marketing professional for over ten years
before realizing that no salary package could
compete with what I could make on the net.

I have spent over two years on the net reading
mountains of TOTALLY IDIOTIC get rich quick scams
and schemes designed to profit from the greed of
unsuspecting wealth seekers.

In two years, I have found ONE truly excellent
business. One that works as well off-line as
it does on. One that ANYONE can use to generate

Have a look at the criteria by which I chose this
business and see if you don't agree that nothing
else even comes close.


1. Yes Residuals. No MLM.
I get around 500 MLM emails a day. There must be
money in MLMs somewhere (and I have a pretty good
idea where it is-- the people at the top).

Residual income, on the other hand, is the REAL
SOLUTION! Making money from the efforts of others
is the essence of capitalism.

2. Hands-free:
If I wanted to be up to my whoosis in day-to-day
maintenance, correspondence, follow-up, details,
conversation etc etc, I would've stayed in my
salaried position.  Lack of involvement isn't a
perk, it's the point.

3. Simplicity:
What could be easier, advertise this number
everywhere, 1-800-811-2141 Code #62321 and watch
the money come in.

4. Money:
Lots of it. Lots and lots. That seems simple
enough, doesn't it?

5. No-Brainer:
There are tremendous profits to be made in the
field of genetic engineering. . . sadly, you
have to be a genetic engineer to make them. If
I want countless other people making money for me,
I'd better make it as simple, easy and lucrative
for them as it is for me. This is a long marketing
letter, but in the end, it's a no-brainer. The
actual offer, when I get around to it, is so
totally appealing that NOT doing it would be absurd.

And it will be exactly the same when you offer it.

6. Professional Backing :
This one is ultra-critical. Ultra Ultra Ultra. I
want highly motivated, highly professional, highly
experienced people working for me. I want them to
be highly compensated and highly happy.

I want stable, reputable companies and pitbull

7. Impulse Friendly::
I want everything perfectly in place. I want
people to be able to spend their money. I want
IMPULSE PURCHASES. Too many offers require the
enroller to print a form, fill it out, sign it
and mail it somewhere with a check. How many
people do you think fall out in that process?
Credit cards and faxed checks mean virtually
anyone can process their order instantly, right
while the offer is in their face. Anything that
impedes impulse purchasing in any ANY marketing
effort is mega-bad!

8. Slick Logistics:
800 numbers. Credit card purchasing. Check faxing.
Fax on demand. 888 numbers for testimonials. Weekly
payouts. Perfect sales tracking and crediting.
Stable, experienced companies. This is an entire
package, and it doesn't just happen.

9. Decent Product/Service:
I don't place as much importance on this as you
might think.  Yes, I want the actual product or
service to be worth more than it costs. Yes,
I want it to be universally desirable. The actual
product is important to the degree that it supports
the money-maker. If it actually has value, all the

10. Unrestricted:
I want a program to work all the time, in any form,
I want to be able to promote in any way I see fit.
I want it to make money freely on the internet and
off.  I want it to be so smooth and easy and appealing
that if I mention it in casual conversation, eyes will
light up. I don't want limitations. I don't want to
be told what I cannot do. I want to do everything
that looks good in the effort/reward ratio.

I want a knock-down, drag-out, bring the people in,
rock 'n roll, massive body-count, income money-maker.

No buts.

Yada yada yada. . . Okay, so what is it?
(Who cares?!?! If it has all the qualities listed
above, it could be Ostrich feathers for all I care.)

But it's not. It's a lifetime membership in a HUGE
discount program that offers guaranteed lowest prices
on over 250,000 products and services, from a company
that has been specializing in this sort of thing for
twelve years. I'm talking about free vacations,
Electronics, hotel and travel discounts, groceries,
major appliances, 7.5 cents per minute long-distance,
legal, dental, medical, free magazines, golf and
skiing discount memberships...
Worth far more than $200 and valuable to everyone,
but like I said... who cares?

The point is the money-maker part. It has all ten
qualities above.  All you have to do is get people
to call the 800 number and. . .


Highly professional salespeople close
your sales! ! ! ! !

And they're good. They're VERY VERY good!

They convert a very high percentage of callers into
sales. If they are your callers, then they are your
sales. If they are your sales, then you get $100.
If they are one of the first two sales made by
someone you sold to, then you get $100 each.
(NOTE: You only make $10 on your first two sales.
If that seems like a bad thing, let me point out
that it is exactly that feature that is going to
triple the size of the checks that are mailed to
you every Friday!)

That means a very high percentage of people that
you can convince to call an 800 number will mean
$300 to you.

Residuals and bonuses go from there!

--You don't have to talk to anyone.
--You don't need to follow-up.

Professional Telemarketers will CLOSE ALL your
Sales for you!

Call them for yourself and see. Don't sit on
the phone and think about how you don't like
powerful salespeople trying to separate you
from your money. . . . think about how much
money you're going to make when these
telemarketing pros are talking to YOUR
callers and earning YOU money!!!

Code #62321
(After you sign up, call me at 505-669-0888,
and I'll set you up with all the software you
need and-- if you want one, a really cool web
site to help you get started.)


Experts in Residual Income Opportunities

#1 HOME-BASED BUSINESS 2nd Year in a Row!

I can go on and on, but if you don't get it
by now, if you aren't ready to call and get
moving on this right now, you weren't born
to be happy.

One more time for the folks in the back row:

YOU don't sell anything.
YOU don't deal with anyone.
YOU just get people to call. . .

Real cash. Real money that you get every week.
Just like I'll get real cash when you order,
and when the first two people under you order. . .
exactly the same for you.

Look at this offer. Think about this whole letter.
Think about YOU doing this and herding people in
to these sales sharks. Think about the lists you
can mail to. Think about what a no-brainer this is.
Think about how everyone else's greed buttons are
going to be pushed just like yours is now.

It's money, BIG money! As much as you want. Call
the toll-free 800 number for more info, or call
the toll-free testimonial numbers BUT DO SOMETHING!!!
You won't receive this offer again!

1-800-811-2141  Code #62321
(8am-10-pm CST) Mon-Sat

You got this far and haven't called yet? Your
skepticism isn't healthy, but okay, here you go:


Enough already. . . CALL!!!

1-800-811-2141  Code #62321
(8am-10-pm CST) Mon-Sat
Wishing You The Best Of Success,

James Spencer, II
2442 Cerrillos RD #101
Santa Fe , NM 87505

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