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Re: linuxgames.org accounts

And I make my reappearance.

Sorry for the extremely long delay, I spent a week in Washington on some
business, then the holidays came and I flew straight from DC to my parents.

I've finally caught up with the 3000+ odd emails that thought they needed to
be dealt with.

So I apologize for the ocmplete lack of corresponce in the past few weeks, I
have not been here, and this week is my week to catch up.

I picked this email to reply to because its one that I have an answer for.

Each of these people need to go to www.dragon-isle.com and register. This
will automatically setup an email acocunt on the server for them. The way
its setup right now is that all emails to @linuxgames.org get redirected to
the exact same user on the system. Webmaster being the exception. If there
are problems (such as a user already existing and we need it) I can also
make other exceptions. But thats the easiest way.

When you register, if there is an error, try again later.

That leads into my next message.

We will be moving servers within next week or so.

We have overloaded a dedicated sun SPARC 70Mhz. We're moving to another
machine, a RAQ Cube, most likely.

So until then, I won't be setting up Rsync, since that means I'd have to
redo on new machine (new mahcine will be Redhat).

I unfortunately didn't get to read every mail formthe mailing list. Is there
anythign else that people have requested that needs my attention?

I apologize for not warning you about my trip, I didn't know I was leaving
then, thought I had another day or two.


-----Original Message-----
From: Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de>
To: LGDC Discussion <linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk>
Date: Saturday, November 21, 1998 4:55 PM
Subject: linuxgames.org accounts

>Ok folks, there were no objections against this list except from Nicholas
>(and that has been cleared). Is everything ready, Ryan?
>Then all people on the list below are invited to tell Ryan their favourite
>username (BTW - Do we need/want some username policy, e.g. requiring
>usernames to be as realname-like as possible?)
>>* Ian Crawford
>>* Magnus Norddahl
>>* Rob Kaper
>>* Henti Smith
>>* Jorrit Tyberghein
>>* Charles Durst
>>* Ryan Stultz
>>* Nicholas Lee
>>* Jeff Read
>>* my humble being
> Christian
>PS: Ryan, is the rsync stuff set up?
>Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead