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Re: linuxgames.org accounts

Ryan Stultz wrote:

>Sorry for the extremely long delay, I spent a week in Washington on some
>business, then the holidays came and I flew straight from DC to my parents.

we were wondering...

>Each of these people need to go to www.dragon-isle.com and register. This
>will automatically setup an email acocunt on the server for them. The way
>its setup right now is that all emails to @linuxgames.org get redirected to
>the exact same user on the system. Webmaster being the exception. If there

Ok. Tried it and it seems to work fine. Can you set up some lgdc group,
add each of us to it and place a link to the site stuff in some accessible
(my nick is warewolf)

>We will be moving servers within next week or so.
>We have overloaded a dedicated sun SPARC 70Mhz. We're moving to another
>machine, a RAQ Cube, most likely.

Sounds very good. The current server seems to be quite slow at times (thou
that could also be just an illusion caused by our sloow net backbones to
the US...)

Can you post a message before you switch servers?

>So until then, I won't be setting up Rsync, since that means I'd have to
>redo on new machine (new mahcine will be Redhat).

Ahh, good.
(that reminds me of some convenience features you could install - using
bash as default shell and providing access via ssh for example...)

>I unfortunately didn't get to read every mail formthe mailing list. Is there
>anythign else that people have requested that needs my attention?

Hmmm, dunno.


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