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RE: Linux and the Independent Game Festival

Alex Dunne wrote:

>>>we actually didn't primarily plan to organize loans from some
>company, but instead from private Linux users living near the judges. I.e.

>That's a very generous offer!  Thanks Christian.  What I'm most worried

That's the way it works in the Linux community (well, most of the time)

>many destinations and back again).  The schedule we created for the event
>this year leaves practically no leeway for slips in the schedule, and the
>more we try to add to the festival, the more opportunity there is for us (or
>a juror) to miss a due date.  I think we should just hold off this year and
>wait until we can do this in a really organized, thoughtful way.  But again,

Well, then we're really looking forward to the next time.


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