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Re: Site News

Peter Feld wrote:

>> We need someone reading the mailing list, paying attention to what could be
>> worthy to be listed as News. And adding it to the Homepage. (I think it's
>> better to have a more or less seperate person for this as the "normal"
>> LGDC people tend to have their heads elsewhere).
>> Any Volunteers?
>Yepp, me :)
>But first tell me what exactly I have to do :)

Well, you'd have to read the mailing list, *conciously* looking for
announcements ("... Oh and btw I just finished the XXXXXLib sprite
engine"), major discussion topics (Ooops, that reminds me of something - Do
you all remember the Big Meeting plans (somewhere in the IRC section)? We
should start planning on that thing again..) etcetc.

For these things you make up a little headline and some description text
and place the thingy on the Homepage in the News section.
Hmmm, we need some kind of submit mechanism for that sooner or later. Rob
and Nicholas, what are your plans for that?

Hmm, I think that's it (mainly). Oh, yes, I dunno how familiar you are with
this project, so you should perhaps crosspost all new news items to the
mailing list in the first weeks/months so that possible slips can be caught


Very funny, Scotty! Now beam up my clothes...