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Re: what about TSR and GPL

> Does anybody know if I can make a game that uses the
> Technical Support Rules (AD&D, Alternity etc etc)
> under GPL? would Wizards of the Coast / TSR mind?
> Or is that "right" reserved for SSI?
> I got my own world, so I'm not using anything except the
> rules. 

I believe TSR (which I didn't stand for Technical Support Rules but I
can't remember what it did stand for and it no longer "stands" for anything
knid of like KFC and AT&T) used to allow character creation programs and
such but they had to include a copyright notice or some such thing.  I
don't know if it ever extended to complete computers games or not.

Personally I wouldn't want to use the AD&D rules too closely.  Magic
point systems are much nicer than the memorize system.  The tables for
attributes are annoying because they aren't very regular basically
requiring the entire table rather than a formula.  The combat system
(AC/To Hit) is similar to many games so you can probably get away with
using it.

Dennis Payne