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Re: what about TSR and GPL

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>         Point-systems come with different problems, such as highly increased
> versatility of mages. This can hamper game enjoyment (at least for the
> others in the group) by making magic-using characters too powerful. I
> happen to like both systems for different reasons. The challenge in a
> 'memorize' type system is anticipating the right spells for a given
> mission. Pick the wrong spells beforehand and that can make for a short
> game...

If I were to create my own RPG (which I'm kinda doing), I would develop
my own rule system, and base it on other computer RPG's such as Final
Fantasy. Final Fantasy has ways around the limitations you mentioned
above. FF5, for example, which some believe to have the best
attack/magic system of them all, has character classes and permits you
to assign one to each of your four characters in between battles. The
various mages each have different abilities and can only use certain
types of spells, e.g., white mages can only use white (curative) spells;
black mages can only use black (attack) spells; time mages can only use
time spells, etc. Using powerful spells also drains MP's in a big fat

I know of no instance where Square has tried to shut down a site
carrying Final Fantasy-like games (go to http://www.miurasoftware.com
for a good one for WinDoze).

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