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Re: what about TSR and GPL

> 	They never allowed it. In fact, they were coming down hard just before
> being bought out by Wizards Of The Coast on AD&D net material. Some web
> sites were shut down because of them. (Mind you, they were carrying some
> copyrighted AD&D stuff, but not all of them.)

That's what they did initially but there was a time between the buyout
and then that they where more leanient.  They came up with some disclaimer/
copyright notice that you where supposed to put at the beginning of
all unofficial material and programs.  (Now granted I never put the
notice on my web site but it did exist.)

> 	Point-systems come with different problems, such as highly increased
> versatility of mages. This can hamper game enjoyment (at least for the
> others in the group) by making magic-using characters too powerful. I

I didn't say making a balanced point system was easy but I think it lends
itself to computer games better.  (Besides I personally think magic should
be more chaotic and versatile than the AD&D system.  Technology is created
through order while magic is chaotic.)

Dennis Payne