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Re: what about TSR and GPL

	Ok here is the deal, and I am relativly knowladgable about the
subject as I have role played since the early days of RPG's right after
TSR released AD&D and stoped producing chainmail. The guy that founded TSR
Gary Gygax was not the business savy individual that either Bill Gates or
Richard Garfield are. He ended up getting fired from TSR and tried to
release a game that was similer and got sued by TSR so no I don't think
they play nice. Also TSR is now in part owned by WotC and they are even
tighter. Magic is the Windows of the gamming world. 
	That's why I offered to help with the rules of anyone wanting to
create a non-clone RPG system. Besides all of the most famouse games were
in some way quite unique and there for attracted a following.
	I will be more than happy to help in the development of a game and
I am quite good at rules. But trying to emulate a commercial game is
probably a bad idea. Wizards of the Coast has sued almost every one of the
other tradeable card games and has won serveral times as the have a
pattent on several key concepts like tapping mana. :)

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