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Re: what about TSR and GPL

> At 04:38 PM 12/23/98 -0500, Micheal Maher wrote:
> >Gurps is almost like the GPL of roleplaying.  It's a cheap and easy system
> >to use.  I'd be willing to bet that you could use their roleplaying system
> >to do what you want.  What I'm talking about here is dice/hits/etc. 
> 	Hmm. I'll have to disagree here. Personally, I always liked a little more
> than GURPS. You *can* take simplicity too far. I also fully realize that
> this is a personal and totally subjective opinion. :) I find that the rpg
> community is pretty much split. For every GURPS fan, there is a Rolemaster
> fan. My rules tend to be between Rolemaster and AD&D in complexity.

Well using a computer you can always add more, but for a base it might be
a good place to start.  I like the Rolemaster way as well.  I just used
gurps b/c it's used for every clone system and is widely spread. :-)

The best thing to do is probably make up your own base, but don't base it
on TSR so you don't get sued. 

> >If anyone has ever played the early versions of Twilight 2000 you'll know
> >what I mean by complicated dice rolling.  You don't want something that
> >complicated and I think the gurps system might be what you want.  
> 	However, one must realize that if a computer is doing the 'gamemastering',
> one can afford more complex rules than one likes in a traditional gaming
> environment. I like to think that complexity and complication are different
> things. You should strive to have as much complexity as possible without
> becoming needlesly complicated. Maybe, it's that I'm just a masochist... :)

Fine, but as a base something simple is always best.. you can add as much
complexity as you like as you go.