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Re: GFX under Linux

"J. Perkins" <jason@379.com> wrote:

>Xarvh wrote:
>> There is a simple way to get in 800x600x16bpp under Linux?
>> I've tried unsuccessfully SDL, then i had a look to X11, but it seems very complex if not really far from what i need.
>If you need source code, you look at a library I wrote a while 
>ago: http://www.379.com/gut/. The file you need is probably 
>called something like opengl_linux.cpp or somesuch.
I'll try it.
> However, SDL 
>should be able to set it for you. Do you have a modeline for it 
>in you XF86Config file?

Does SDL needs his own modeline to run under X? (i'm newbie with linux...)
With both ALLEGRO and SDL 
I can set it up on my machine, but just on my machine using ALLEGRO from console (since my fbcon is set to 800x600)
I'd like to be able to make it work on a machine where i do not have root permissions.

Mads Bondo Dydensborg <madsdyd@challenge.dk> wrote:

>On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Xarvh wrote:
>If you are running X, your display need to be set up to have a resolution
>in 800x600 to actually use this resolution. If you need true 16 bpp
>support, your x server need to run in this resolution. 
>SDL can emulate both (if there is a larger surface and software
>conversion), but X can not change bpp on demand.

Under X both SDL and ALLEGRO draw nothing but a black 800x600 window, and all i got is a "invalid pixmap" error.
The big problems under X are:
 - is possible to make my game run fullscreen? (ie: can X change width/height resolution and give the entire screen to my program?)
 - how do i control the keyboard? both ANSI C and ALLEGRO functions fail, am I forced to create an event handler?
 - how can i create a window and draw on it without reading the whole 0.5 Kg X manual? (ie: does exist a fast tutorial...)

The depth is not a real problem, since i should be able to convert it run-time.

Thank you all