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Re: GFX under Linux

On Saturday 08 December 2001  6:05 am, you wrote:
> Mark D'voo wrote:
> > really? only obsolete games.  What about return to castle wolfenstein? it
> > only took a week to get linux multi palyer binaries, not too bad
> That is *one* example.  Quake (same company) is the only other.

id is has a contractor working on the Linux stuff at the same time as the 
other releases.

> I can think of no other commercial game that came out for Linux within six
> months of the Windoze version.

Creatures 3 had semi-parallel development, I think.

> > > I don't have any hopes for commercial games for Linux. For gaming I
> > > have my good old PS2. It's fun to try to do some stupid games yourself,
> > > but I know Linux will never have a nice games market, except for old
> > > conversions for already obsolete Windows games. The blame can IMO be
> > > put on the main distros that have no cooperation at all.
> I'm not ready to give up on it yet.
> I still think Linux can get a respectable share of the desktop market and
> when it does, games will come.

Of course, it won't get a sizeable market share of the desktop until there 
are more games, and thus begins the downward spiral.

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