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Re: GFX under Linux

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, Steve Baker wrote:

>Mark Collins wrote:
>> > I still think Linux can get a respectable share of the desktop market and
>> > when it does, games will come.
>> Of course, it won't get a sizeable market share of the desktop until there
>> are more games, and thus begins the downward spiral.
>...and that's the crucial question.
>Is Linux desktop usage slowly increasing despite the lack of games?  (in
>which case it'll eventually get into the realms of positive feedback -
>more users => more games => more users) ....Or is it gradually declining
>in popularity because of the lack of games? (in which case we are in the
>realms of negative feedback - less users => even fewer games => even fewer

I think Linux as a desktop is increasing in companies and other places
where games are not needed. What the situation for home users is, is
beyond what I can think up. I assume the total number of Linux desktops is
increasing there too, maybe not as fast as Windows though?


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