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Re: GFX under Linux

#08-Dec-01# Message from *Jan Ekholm*:
Hi Jan,

> where games are not needed. What the situation for home users is, is
> beyond what I can think up. 

Welcome to dual-boot land. The lack of Linux-specific games is not much of
an issue for the vast majority of home users because it is precisely these
users who tend to dual-boot Winodws and Linux. Take myself as an example: I
have Win98SE and Mandrake on my drives. I spend most of my time in Linux,
but if I want to play a game or do something that can not be done in Linux
I'll reboot into Windows. That's another problem in itself though -
companies like Loki who specialise in ports will have a hard time simply
because many of the people who would have formed their key market either
already have the Windows version of a game, or can get the Windows version
for less. Until such time as ports are released concurrently and at similar
prices the potential market is restricted to those who either have the
determination (and cash) to buy the Linux version or those who have removed
Windows from their machine completely.

The only way any real, meaningful numbers about the size of the linux game
market will be obtained is if a company releases a Linux *only* game for the
same price as an average Windows game. And I can't see *that* happening for
quite some time...


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