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Re: GFX under Linux

> Because it's not *just* SDL 1.2, it's SDL 1.2.1 with SDLmixer 1.2.0
> and SDLimage 1.1.4 and .... you get the idea.  So you upgrade all
> of those and then find that some other game that you love dearly
> won't run with SDLimage 1.1 - so you have to downgrade that again...
> Ack!
> The SDL team should work away for (say) six months to a year and
> then release ONE new version of every component.

I would like SDLmixer and SDLimage to have better release syncronization
but I don't think it is entirely the SDL team's fault.  I attended a
BOF session at ALS 2000 on Game Development.  This was before SDL 1.2.
Someone mentioned that SDL had joystick support.  I pointed out that
it was SDL 1.1 with joystick support and that the odd minor number is
a development release.  From various games I downloaded around that
time, I know that developers were ignoring the stable SDL 1.0 and
targeting SDL 1.1.

Dennis Payne