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Re: GFX under Linux

"J. Perkins" wrote:

> Under windows, they say "requires DirectX #.#". If DirectX #.#
> isn't installed, you don't run. If a later version of DirectX
> breaks your app, you make a patch.
> What's wrong with saying "requires SDL 1.2" and leaving it at
> that?

Because it's not *just* SDL 1.2, it's SDL 1.2.1 with SDLmixer 1.2.0
and SDLimage 1.1.4 and .... you get the idea.  So you upgrade all
of those and then find that some other game that you love dearly
won't run with SDLimage 1.1 - so you have to downgrade that again...

The SDL team should work away for (say) six months to a year and
then release ONE new version of every component.

> Linux is no better and no worse than Windows in this regard.

No, it's certainly no better and no worse.  Back when there was "just"
Windoze it wasn't so bad - but with Win95, 98, NT, ME, 2K and XP all
commonly found out there in the real world, there are as many common
Windoze varients as there are common Linux varients.

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