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Re: ?

On Sunday 09 December 2001 00:43, Rick Jennings wrote:
> II have a question for u and I figured u coulg give me some insight on
> my this. Any info will help and be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
>   In a multi-user game, the players move figures around a common scene.
> The state of the game is replicated at the players' workstations and at
> a server, which contains services controlling the game overall, such as
> collision detection. Updates are multicast to all replicas.
> (i)                   The figures may throw projectiles at one another
> and a hit debilitates the unfortunate recipient for a limited time.
> What type of update ordering is required here? Hint: consider the
> 'throw', 'collide' and 'revive' events.

What do you mean with "update ordering"? Updates are sent as soon as 
something changes...

> (ii)                 The game incorporates magic devices which may be
> picked up by a player to assist them. What type of ordering should be
> applied to the pick-up-device operation?

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