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Re: GDK_GL_DEPTH_SIZE value of GtkGlArea widget

Abhir Joshi wrote:
> One of them is GDK_GL_DEPTH_SIZE.  I still don't know what
> exactly does this mean.

This is the number of bits per pixel that the graphics hardware
should use to describe how 'far' away that pixel is, so that it
can make decisions about when rendered primitives are in front of
or behind other rendered primitives.  Larger values may not be
available or accelerated on a particular card in a particular
mode.  Larger is always better for quality but may be a little
slower since it makes the graphics hardware's memory caches less
effective (or if it's not supported in hardware at all and
causes a fallback to software then it'll be frigheningly slow).
glxinfo's table of visual ids usually gives a clue about what
mode attributes are available and whether they're potentially
supported in hardware.

What could be going wrong?  Am I missing on some other parameter?
You almost certainly need to play with your near/far clip
plane values, which can drastically change the effectiveness
of the Z buffer.

Steve wrote something about this.  So, here:


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