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Re: Introductions

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[Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:20:55 -0500] Message from KANE Aaron:

> I will open this to the list...  What does everyone feel about the effort
> needed to do full modeling and the likelihood that I could gather the
> needed resources to make it happen?  Also, if there is a move towards full
> modeling that would make it more difficult for average players to create
> new units. and objects.

No, it won't. What you're talking about is a lot of graphics work, as in a
rediculous amount - making every unit and building in the possible viewing
orientations AND maintaining perspective and style across the whole lot is
not simply hard, it is impossible. I mean it. Games like the older SimCity
et al have limited building and object lists for a reason - making them on
the scale you're talking about is too hard.

However, if you get your art guys to come up with a set of high quality
textures suitable for buildings and units then anyone making models simply
has to adhere to scale requirements and can reuse the textures. Your engine
can take care of perspectie issues, and it allows far more control over view
orientation and positioning (you can restrict it to isometric if you want,
but I'd suggest a free mode anyway, nothing more annoying than iso views
that block what you're interested in. 

The barrier for entry then becomes on of obtaining 3D modelling tools, for
which I'd strongly advise not trying to enforce a Linux Only policy, or you
may as well shoot yourself right now to save time. There are some free 3D
modellers out there (Blender, ac3d etc) for people who can't get max
or lightwave. Making 3D models is a LOT easier than pixel-art level work on
buildings and units - especially if you can provide some sample bits and
pieces in various formats for people to plug together.

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