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Re: Newbie seeks guidance

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>>Is OGRE mature and ready to be used at this point? I've been looking for
>>something like that for ages, but so far have found nothing that really
>>fits my needs for a 3D scene graph & extra cruft:
>>Crystal Space:
>>Never really stabilizes and far too complex.
>I don't agree with that at all. You have to compare complexity with what
>you get.
>OGRE is indeed easier to use but OGRE is only a renderer. Crystal Space
>is a full
>3D engine that does scene management, visibility culling, integration
>with physics
>and collision detection and a lot more. In addition if you also add in
>the Crystal Entity
>Layer project then you also get high level game entity management.
>People tell
>me that Crystal Space is no longer very complex once you understand the
>basic >stuff. At that point Crystal Space becomes easy because it
>actually does a lot for you.

Well, last time I looked it was horrible to try to get into. Insane
amounts of classes and not too much documentation. Of course all the
classes are easy to utilize in a game if you know what you are looking
for, but trying to find the proper resource was not easy. I never got
further than a non-working "Hello CS" application before moving on.

>As to stability this has GREATLY improved recently.

Ah, I meant API stability. I hate having a working app break every few
months just because of some creative refactoring or other API changes in
some library the app uses.

>Of course. I'm the original creator of Crystal Space so my opinion is a
>bit biased.


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