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Re: Newbie seeks guidance

Jan Ekholm wrote:

Is OGRE mature and ready to be used at this point? I've been looking for something like that for ages, but so far have found nothing that really fits my needs for a 3D scene graph & extra cruft:

Crystal Space:
Never really stabilizes and far too complex.

I don't agree with that at all. You have to compare complexity with what you get.
OGRE is indeed easier to use but OGRE is only a renderer. Crystal Space is a full
3D engine that does scene management, visibility culling, integration with physics
and collision detection and a lot more. In addition if you also add in the Crystal Entity
Layer project then you also get high level game entity management. People tell
me that Crystal Space is no longer very complex once you understand the basic
stuff. At that point Crystal Space becomes easy because it actually does a lot for

As to stability this has GREATLY improved recently. Big projects like
PlaneShift (http://www.planeshift.it) manage to follow with the latest development
version of CS with almost no problems now.

Of course. I'm the original creator of Crystal Space so my opinion is a bit biased.