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Re: Possible nVidia driver bug? - (code sample attached)

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Steve Baker wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>> Heh, first you tell him how to write good bug reports, then in the next
>> mail you say that it's more or less impossible to get that bug report to
>> get noticed by anyone who can do soemthing about it. Seems like futile
>> work. :)
>It is indeed difficult to get anyone to notice a bug report - even
>more difficult if it's a disorganised one - and even more difficult
>still if you've sent them a bunch of red herrings in the past.
>Is it futile?  Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Do companies like Nvidia actually care about bug reports from the Linux
community, or do they just do the drivers because "they have to"? I have
actually never had any problems with Nvidia's drivers, they seem to
work very well for my small experiments and childish projects, but ATI's
are a whole different chapter... If I found a bug worth reporting I
wouldn't bother doing it just to have a small chance of somenone not
pressing "delete" at the receiving end, and and even smaller chance of it
being ever fixed.


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