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Re: Possible nVidia driver bug? - (code sample attached)

Miguel A. Osorio wrote:

I see your point. But aside from not using GLUT, I did all of the above.

Yeah - well, it *is* difficult to get their attention. The company I work for sells thousands of PC's with nVidia cards each year - but consider that we probably sell less than a typical branch of Fry's or Best Buy and you realise that we just aren't a sufficiently important part of nVidia's customer base to warrant attention from their overworked engineering staff.

The only way we've really managed to get through the support barrier is
to send people to conferences like SigGraph and GDC - and to nVidia developer
forums. Get friendly with their engineers and sooner or later one of them
will sympathise and give you their email address with an offer to help you out.

If ever there was a case of "It's not what you know - but who you know" - then
this is it!`

Thing is, I did explain all this to nVidia's support and still got no answer. It's surely no problem for me to port the sample app to GLUT, but then again, I fear having to hammer their mailbox in order to get some attention.

May I suggest signing up to the OpenGL-GameDev mailing list and the CgShaders forum? Both of those are read by actual engineers at nVidia - you could post your problem to either of those places and stand a good chance of getting a solid answer without having to fight your way through layers of support weenies.

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by a comment more predictive than "Watch this!"...it turns out that
this also applies to writing Fragment Shaders.
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