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Re: Card images needed for a Mille Bournes game

Kari Pahula wrote:
I'm making a Mille Bournes game. I'm using currently xmille's card
set, but those are a bit large at 100x150.

Could somebody draw me some smaller images? The cards have to have
small symbols on the corners, so that they can be recognized if
partially obscured. Just like in standard cards.

Can't you just do an image shrink on those cards? If the process you used to shrink them generated a nice antialiased result then they might still be sufficiently readable.

IMHO, it's gonna be difficult to get anything recognisable in
under 100 pixels.  If you can only see the corner of the card - let's
say 15% of the card is visible - then only 15 pixels out of the 100
across the width will be showing. Into that small space, you have to
write a number or a letter - well, at 15 pixels that's not too hard
but if you needed to (say) halve the resolution and draw that in only
8 pixels, you are going to have a very hard time indeed.

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