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I welcome any of you to join me on this Port to Linux...

If any of you are familiar with Origin's excellent series of games as well 
as Homeworld, then this is the project for you...
I completed a Windows clone of Wing Commander that is available at
The code got big and messy, so I completely redid it, and have a as-of-yet 
unreleased nearly complete version of it for windows...and then I noticed 
Linux...and development stopped...
Being very familiar with Windows OpenGL and D3D libraries, I am completely 
unfamiliar with Linux equivalents... GLUT and the like...
If you like the game as it is presented on the site, you can imagine what a 
completely improved engine aimed at a homeworldesque OR flightsim game might 
look like <a lot better!>
I am tired of Microsoft's domination, and would be disappointed if I 
released a Windows only game--yet I don't feel I have the skillz to port it 
to Linux... so if any of you has the time or energy to help me at least get 
started, if not finished, then please respond and help me make a truly 
wonderful game for Linux :-D
Thank you for your time :-)

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