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Re: I welcome any of you to join me on this Port to Linux...

From: HellcatV HellcatV <hellcatv@hotmail.com>

>I completed a Windows clone of Wing Commander that is available at
>http://wc.questgate.net/vega/   <snip>
>Being very familiar with Windows OpenGL and D3D libraries, I am completely 
>unfamiliar with Linux equivalents... GLUT and the like...
>I am tired of Microsoft's domination, and would be disappointed if I 
>released a Windows only game--yet I don't feel I have the skillz to port it 
>to Linux... so if any of you has the time or energy to help me at least get 
>started, if not finished, then please respond and help me make a truly 
>wonderful game for Linux :-D

There are a number of libraries aimed at developing cross-platform games,
any of which would take care of these issues for you. We are currently
working on one at http://www.379.com/gut/, you should also check out
ClanLib and SDL (links are on my site).