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Re: I welcome any of you to join me on this Port to Linux...

HellcatV HellcatV wrote:

> If any of you are familiar with Origin's excellent series of games as well
> as Homeworld, then this is the project for you...
> I completed a Windows clone of Wing Commander that is available at
> http://wc.questgate.net/vega/
> The code got big and messy, so I completely redid it, and have a as-of-yet
> unreleased nearly complete version of it for windows...and then I noticed
> Linux...and development stopped...
> Being very familiar with Windows OpenGL and D3D libraries, I am completely
> unfamiliar with Linux equivalents... GLUT and the like...
> If you like the game as it is presented on the site, you can imagine what a
> completely improved engine aimed at a homeworldesque OR flightsim game might
> look like <a lot better!>
> I am tired of Microsoft's domination, and would be disappointed if I
> released a Windows only game--yet I don't feel I have the skillz to port it
> to Linux... so if any of you has the time or energy to help me at least get
> started, if not finished, then please respond and help me make a truly
> wonderful game for Linux :-D

You could have a look at Crystal Space. It is an Open Source and portable
3D engine. It currently runs on Linux, Windows, OS/2, BeOS, Macintosh, DOS,
NextStep, FreeBSD, OpenStep, SGI, Solaris, ...
It can use OpenGL, Direct3D, Glide, or software rendering.

It has support for portals, landscape engine (ROAM), LOD, octrees, curved
surfaces, dynamic lights with shadows, volumetric fog, halos, ...



Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be, University Hospitals KU Leuven BELGIUM

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