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Re: What to do.

Chris Purnell wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 05:03:12AM -0600, Steve Baker wrote:
> > For many (most?) 3D applications, the task of 'map editing' and
> > 'object creation' are the same thing.
> Except that the structure and constraints that are appropriate
> or helpful to apply to the maps are different to objects that
> you would place within.

But those constraints are different for each game anyway.

The outdoor terrain I use in my game (Tux_AQFH) are pretty much
unconstrained - and a regular modeller is the most appropriate thing.

Other games will require the terrain to be split up into convex
sub-regions for collision detection, yet others (like FlightGear)
need terrain modelled in lat/long coordinates.  Some others might
require a BSP tree - or a set of Portal definitions - or Anti-portals.

Which set of constraints does your map editor impose?

Well, whatever they are, they'll probably only be appropriate
for the game you happen to be thinking of writing.

This makes it hard to imagine a generalized tool for this kind of

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