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Re: What to do.

>On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 05:03:12AM -0600, Steve Baker wrote:

>> I currently use AC3D for this kind of thing - but I'm working on
>> a project to produce a better 3D model generator called PrettyPoly:

How actively is AC3D developed these days? I've been thinking about really
paying that 25$ (or similar), and get something that I could use for my
pet projects. Modelling with millimeter-paper and pen, and then
'extracting' triangles manually is a bit clumsy. :-)

Does AC3D export something that can be easily parsed, i.e. ascii triangles
or strips?

>>    http://prettypoly.sourceforge.net

Hope this project is successful, as a real open modeller is quite
important today.

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