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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Steve Baker wrote:

> Jasmin Patry wrote:
> > 
> > Version 0.10 of Tux Racer, an OpenGL-based racing game featuring Tux the
> > Linux Penguin, has been released. This is the first public release of
> > Tux Racer, and I'm looking for feedback and help from developers and
> > course designers.
> What specific help do you need?

There's a list of things on the web page that I'd like to add to the
game; I haven't started work on any of those yet, and I could use
advice/opinions/code for any of them.  (I'm also hoping to expand the
number of Tux Racer developers beyond its current value of one, as I
have too many things going on right now to devote as much time as I'd
like to Tux Racer...) 

I also need help for course designers.  I've placed some notes on this
are in the README.

> > Version 0.10 is incomplete, but still playable.  Tux can turn, brake,
> > and jump; collision detection with trees works; and the physical model
> > is fairly well tuned.  Four courses are included, but these need work.
> > 
> > You can download it from http://tuxracer.sourceforge.net/ .  Thanks!
> WOW!!! COOL!!!  (Actually *very* cold!)


> One thing though - Penguins slide downhill on their stomachs -
> head-first.  (That's what Tux does when sliding in my game)

Hmm.  You're right, of course.  I'll try that to see how it looks.

However, Tux isn't just *any* penguin -- he's rather chubbier than most,
for one thing.  Perhaps he's gotten such a full stomach from eating
herring that he'd rather just recline a bit... :-)

There are other considerations (these might even include the ones that
led me to choose the foot-first orientation): Tux does quite a bit of
bumping and banging into things in this game, and if it was me I'd want
to do that feet first.  Also, the third camera position (hit '3'), which
places the camera at Tux's eyes, looks more interesting this way (you
can see his stomach and feet).