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Re: OS games -- Where are those programmers?

On Fri 23 Feb 2001 08:08 Jan Ekholm wrote:
> to mature to what they are right now. Something like FreeCiv, Flight Gear,
> Tux AQFK etc have a few years behin them, and still seem to get better all
> the time.

FreeCiv can be frustrating: I've never won a single game on 
civserver.freeciv.org. But I do still try. Guess I am a bad player.

> That aside, are there anyone interested in getting their hands dirty with
> Python programming on a RTS:ish game? Interested in strategic games? We
> have lots of fun and many things to do! Ok, ok, that's a little shameless,
> as I think most people here are already working on own projects?

I think that finding this list is a non-trivial task for people who don't 
have anything in common with games programming. One Python-using project I 
currently know of is FreeLords. There might be some more, don't know.

Josef Spillner

The MindX Project - http://mindx.sourceforge.net
student - js177634@inf.tu-dresden.de
qmail - foomail@internet24.de

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