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OS games -- Where are those programmers?

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Josef Spillner wrote:


>But it is hard enough to get someone working on a project in fulltime. 
>What Terry wrote, "it would be a shame to see it collapse for lack of 
>interested programmers!", is true indeed, as a project in the fast-growing 
>Linux game environment seems already dead when there is only some weeks 
>without a release.

OS games need longer development times, that's certain. But many of the
most successful OS games have been around quite a while, and have had time
to mature to what they are right now. Something like FreeCiv, Flight Gear,
Tux AQFK etc have a few years behin them, and still seem to get better all
the time.

We've worked a year on Civil, and we're still not too near a release.
We're not even registered on Freshmeat yet, as they require a project to
have something that can be downloaded. :-)

That aside, are there anyone interested in getting their hands dirty with
Python programming on a RTS:ish game? Interested in strategic games? We
have lots of fun and many things to do! Ok, ok, that's a little shameless,
as I think most people here are already working on own projects?

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