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Idle? We could need some help...

Hi, everybody!

We're a team of artists, musicians and programmers developing a 3D 
action game for Linux and Windows based on OpenGL und SDL. At least the 
game engine will be GPL'ed. Although we have good musicians and even 
better artists on our team we lack programming manpower to keep up with 
them (no joking here :-). So all I want to say is: we could need help 
with certain things.

First of all we could need a working network abstraction layer running 
at least on Windows and Linux and providing a unified low level 
interface to TCP and UDP. Is there any Open Source library out there 
capable of this?

Second, what about good, high-quality video codecs? I have so far found 
none that is both high-quality and not bound to any patenting/licencing 
issues that could make us pay (especially MPEG2/MPEG4, which we 
therefore cannot use at all).

I've attempted to develop an own codec, but as things turned out, 
encoding is very slow (between 10 and 60s/frame on any of my machines) 
and bandwidth usage is poor (about 1MB for 20 frames of animation at 
640x480). However, it is lossless, meaning I can recover *every* frame 
in its original form. The bottom line is that it's there, we can't use 
it, but it still has some potential left. If anyone is interested I can 
share the sources with you anytime you like.

It would be very kind of you if you could help us.


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