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Re: OpenGL vs. SDL for 2D

"Vesselin Peev" <vesselinpeev@hotmail.com> writes:

> I'd like to ask if it is possible to achieve better 2D performance
> in plain sprite blitting by using OpenGL/Mesa instead of using SDL
> on a decent 3D graphics card? I know the inconvenience of using
> special dimensions for the sprites under OpenGL/DirectX, but it does
> not really matter these days, does it? Also, older hardware would
> not be supported, but if a considerable performance boost is
> possible, that wouldn't matter, too.

With OpenGL you get quite a good performance boost, along with fast
alpha blending, scaling and rotating. The Framerate might double or
tripple in OpenGL. For a 2D OpenGL game have a look at:

 * http://www.reptilelabour.com/software/chromium/

For a Libraries which support 2D OpenGL directly you can have a look
 * ClanLib 

 * SphriteLib (a simple but usefull Spritehandling library ontop of ClanLib)

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