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Re: OpenGL vs. SDL for 2D

Thanks, Ingo!

First, let me tell you I've played a recent version of Pingus, and it's

> With OpenGL you get quite a good performance boost, along with fast
> alpha blending, scaling and rotating. The Framerate might double or
> tripple in OpenGL. For a 2D OpenGL game have a look at:
>  * http://www.reptilelabour.com/software/chromium/

I've played Chromium, but its maker must have messed up the design, since
beyond a certain level it's impossible -- read *absolutely impossible* to
beat, unless I'm God himself. ;-)
I wonder why one would make higher game levels distinct from the lower ones
that can't be beaten... Just to show you the limits of humanity in
comparison with the dumb computer? ;-)

Once again, thanks for the info.