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Re: 3d graphics

Steve Baker:

> I guess that depends on how much relevent experience you already have.

> Assuming you are comfortable with programming in general, I recommend
> the "OpenGL Programming Guide" - the so-called "Red Book" (because it has
> a dark red cover). You can get it from Amazon for about $40.

Nothing about non-accelerated programming?
(I'm totally new at this... maybe does not make any more sense to study 
non-accelerated programming...)

> > (Is my own impression or lgdc is quite dead? Where Linux games
> > programmers are, if they exist?)
> It's still a valuable resource IMHO.

Sure it is.
I was thinking about the site: http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/ ... no update since 
June 2002.

Oh, well, thank you Steve.
Francesco Orsenigo, proud member of linuxgames@sunsite.dk =)