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Re: 3d graphics

Francesco Orsenigo, Xarvh Project wrote:

(Is my own impression or lgdc is quite dead? Where Linux games
programmers are, if they exist?)


It's still a valuable resource IMHO.

Sure it is.
I was thinking about the site: http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/ ... no update since June 2002.
Ah - yes.  The web site has sadly died.  It's a steep decline - from
a site that was nominated as one of the top 100 web sites by Linux
Magazine back in 2000 - to a dead site in mid-2002.

I think that it came to increasingly mirror "The Linux Game Tome"
(http://www.happypenguin.org) - as a simple announcer of new games
and game libraries...a task which Freshmeat and others already
have well covered.

In that regard, it was redundant - and redundancy comes at a high
price in terms of wasted maintenance effort.

Where it did have some kind of a niche was as a repository for articles
about game programming - but even that is somewhat unnecessary.  As an
author of such articles, I prefer to keep my articles on my own web
site where they are easier to maintain and I can keep control of them.
If everyone thinks like that - and if you take away the news aspect
- then LGDC becomes nothing more than a big pile of links...and with
the quality of modern search engines - it's debatable whether you even
need that.

So, yeah - the LGDC site is dead.

But please don't take that as any kind of a sign of declining
interest in Linux games...either on the part of users or authors.
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