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Re: Fast mouse pointer

Josef Spillner:
> On Tuesday 18 February 2003 22:11, you wrote:
> > What coul be a portable way to create a _fast_ full-colored mouse
> > pointer?
> Use XFree86 >= 4.3.0 :-)
That means messing around with the mysterious and arcane Xlib...

> As for portability, I think that future (or even current?) SDL versions
> will automatically make use of this feature if it's present (similar to the
> current b/w cursor), and fall back to using a software cursor in case no
> hardware accelleration is available.
SDL_CreateCursor() is unfit to do this, another different function will be 
needed: either this function does not yet exists or is not documented.

I need also to use SDL 1.2.4 since 1.2.5 complains my ALSA drivers are too 
old (they're from Debian stable... i don't think they're SO that old...)

> If most of your users use X11, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
Maybe you're right... even if i'll have to lose weeks just to understand how 
to get a 800x600 window... =(
Most of X11 tutorials focus on GUI, while i need a way to draw a linear 
bitmap on the screen (X11 pixmaps need to pass through X server and are 
unlikely to give 30 refresh per second...), read from mouse and read from 
keyboard: no buttons, sliders, captions, sub-windows and like...

Thank you,
Francesco Orsenigo