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ATI linux drivers

     Could someone with a Radeon 9500 or 9700 answer a few questions about
the ATI-provided Linux drivers?

     1) If you run: 

             glxinfo | egrep 'ARB_(fragment|vertex)_program'

        what do you get?

     2) What video card do you have?

     3) And for reference, what driver version are you running?

             rpm -q -a | grep fglrx

I'm contemplating a video card upgrade, and hoping to use the ARB profiles
in Cg to work with fragment and vertex shaders in Linux.

My next bet would have been a GeForce4, the fp30/vp30 Cg profiles, and NV30
emulation in the NVidia drivers, but I gather this is a Windows-only
feature of their drivers.  

Any other options?