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Re: [linuxgames] Game Developers Conference

What really is the reason for charging silly amounts of money for an expo?
I've never understood that. A normal small fee, like a movie ticket, would
be just fine.

I could be wrong, but maybe to make sure only serious commercial game developers/researches can attend? Imagine if everyone could get in. You would have 10 year old children running around like they were at CES or E^3.
That is why I can't attend. It is too much money to spend when I don't have more than a game development hobby that has been on hold due to school and such. It is too bad, but there are always International Game Developer Association meetings. I am sure one is near your town...then again, I am in Chicago, IL and someone drove from another state to get to our meetings because his city's group is horrible.
Check out http://igda.org for more info.